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Slovene language course

So you're in Slovenia … You've studied the Lonely Planet language section: you know how to ask, but you don't understand the answers. You've talked to your follow expatriots: they have told you not to bother, the language is too complicated and everybody speaks English anyway.

Beginners' level courses

The courses we offer start at the zero beginner level and continue with elementary and intermediate levels to advanced levels.

For all levels we have prepared authentic listening and reading materials and just the right amount of communication and grammar exercises. Materials include newspaper articles, extracts from films, short stories, poems, songs, radio programmes etc. 

Intermediate level courses

Verb-revision. Declension-revision. personal and possessive pronouns. Conditional clauses. Relative pronouns. Conjunctions.Vocabulary: arts and crafts, agriculture, small enterprises and corporations, legends from different regions of Slovenia.

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