Spletni test angleščine

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She_____ coffee and _____ a lot.

What's the ____ like? It's hot and sunny.

I can't find my glasses, can you help me look ___ them?

What did you ___ on Saturday night?

Martin is taller ____ James.

That's the shop ___ I bought my computer.

____ is ______ identity card.

How long_____ each other?

Why____? Because I'm happy.

She is going to New York next month and is really looking ___it.

I need___ English quickly.

How many films____ Spielberg made?

I ___ dinner when the phone rang.

It's so ___ when you fall in the public.

Could you ___ this form?

She is ____ Naomi Cambel.

He __ Sarah yet.

Slow ___! You are breaking the speed limit!

If my boss ___, tell him ___ ill.

If I start now I ___ the report by about 4.00 this afternoon.

This time tomorrow I ___ on the beach in the sun.

I ________ for my girlfriend for two hours.

After Larry _____ the film on TV, he decided to buy the book.

Wait a minute, I ____ this box for you.

While the doctor ___ Mr Jones, his son ____ outside this morning.

Since 2003 they ___ their son every year.

There are a lot of clouds! It___ soon.

Look! It ___, so we can't ___ to the beach.

We ___ TV when it started to rain.

I can't find my bag, I ____ it in the car.

Write a short composition. Is it better to live in an old house, a modern house or a flat?